There is a scene in the movie Julie and Julia where Julie Powell is explaining to her husband Eric why she never finishes anything.

“I have ADD. That’s why I am so bad at housework”

It makes me smile every time because I can relate. I probably don’t have ADD, but I do love to start new projects and sometimes never finish them, maybe like this blog.

And I too am bad at housework.



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2 responses to “Introductions

  1. Hi Jo,

    Just found your blog through a comment you left on The Actual Pastor’s blog. Your voice resonates. I’ll keep reading (between nappy changes, nose wipes, etc.) if you keep writing. I like the brevity of your posts–concise is good. I’m also an extrovert and like to hear myself talk (or write) so I envy your ability to keep to the point. Well. Here’s to a fantastic blogging/writing future!

    Elisabeth 🙂

  2. Elisabeth, thank you for your beautiful comment, the very first one on my new blog 🙂

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