Stability. Staying where you are, in order to grow.

This is a vow unique to the Benedictine Monks, and as I read about it this morning in my book I feel it, making sense, causing me to inhale.

Staying where you are in order to grow.

For me this means keeping my thoughts where I am in order to grow.

I am a daydreamer, as I imagine lots of women are. Even though I am here in body, going through the motions, often my mind is not. It’s busy imagining my other life; the one where I am free to do as I please, engage in stimulating intellectual conversation all day, create worthwhile things (whatever they might be???) and nobody is constantly asking, ‘come play Lego with me mummy?’.

“We will discover our true selves as we patiently simmer in communities and relationships to which God has called us. And we will find God there as well, because if we cannot find God where we are, we will not find him elsewhere”

                                                                                                                Dennis Okholm

Do you struggle with keeping your thoughts in the right place?


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