All things. Even vomit.

My husband is a man of many gifts, one being the ability to clean up vomit without so much a dry retch or heave. This is a gift I generally do not possess.

Dave is also in China until next week. Can you see where this is going?

Yes, at 1.30am this morning my littlest man came down with a gastro bug and I was on my own.

It was OK.  I did what I needed to do without a single gag or sympathy vomit. I was strong.

I was not on my own.

“I can do all things (the back patting, vomit bowl holding, PJ changing, carpet sponging, sheet changing and little boy soothing) through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13


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Listening = Not Talking

On the dangers of talking too much, Michael Casey says,
“It restricts our capacity to listen, it banishes mindfulness and opens the door to distraction and escapism. Talking too much often convinces us of the correctness of our own conclusions and leads some into thinking they are wise. It can be a subtle lesson in arrogance and superiority”
From Monk Habits for Everyday People: Benedictine Spirituality for Protestants

A couple of weeks ago during bible study one of the group members pretty much told me to’ shut up’ right in the middle of our study. At the time I was angry, embarrassed, and incredulous. She felt bad and apologised afterwards.
But, as is often the way in community, the spirit of God can work through a sister or brother, telling us exactly what we needed to hear, at precisely the right time.*

God was telling me to ‘shut up’ and listen to what others have to say.

I am an extrovert. We don’t like silence, it makes us feel uncomfortable and we feel the need to fill it up. Like if we don’t keep talking, somehow the group will drown in its silence. And in my case there is definitely a sense of arrogance; what I have to say is infinitely more interesting, funny, or spiritually insightful than what you have to say.
This is of course complete rubbish!


So now I am trying really hard to talk less, which will allow me to listen more.
*I am not saying that being rebuked is always easy, it’s not. In this case, I had to make the decision to be humble and accepting, and rely on the Holy Spirit to help me not let my initial anger take root.

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April 3, 2013 · 2:59 pm


There is a scene in the movie Julie and Julia where Julie Powell is explaining to her husband Eric why she never finishes anything.

“I have ADD. That’s why I am so bad at housework”

It makes me smile every time because I can relate. I probably don’t have ADD, but I do love to start new projects and sometimes never finish them, maybe like this blog.

And I too am bad at housework.


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